Greetings in JESUS,

When I.S.I.S. began their quest to proclaim a “caliphate” most Americans and Westerners had no idea what they were talking about!?!? Even the President of The United States, Barack Obama called them a “J.V. organization.” But, in reality they were taking the war on terror to another level. The difference between ISIL and other Islamist and jihadist movements is its emphasis on eschatology and apocalypticism, and its belief that the arrival of the Mahdi is imminent. ISIL believes it will defeat the army of “Rome” at the town of Dabiq in fulfillment of prophecy.

In Mohammed’s often confusing wranglings, he taught in the Hadith, that when JESUS returns another great prophet would come alongside Him to assist Him. That prophet would be the Mahdi. ISIS leaders teach that JESUS actually is the Mahdi to come. Most in Islam believe JESUS will soon return, some believe He is the Mahdi (messiah  to Jews/Christ is the Greek New Testament word) What that means folks is that ISIS is waiting for the coming of JESUS!! In fact, they’ve built their entire belief system on this idea…! They don’t ultimately expect to win at this war according to research done by Peter Graeme. They expect to lose so badly that only five thousand of them are left when JESUS comes and rescues them from the Western powers, including America. They…are expecting the soon return of JESUS…

The Big problem is they have badly misunderstood Him. Mohammed’s violence and teachings can’t be separated from the 21st Century followers… They like many in Islam, can’t imagine JESUS being greater than the Prophet Mohammed. In their teachings JESUS is not who He says He is…If JESUS is not the character they preach and portray… WHO IS HE ? … And that is the question of the ages! It is our topic this morning. And it is our Doctrinal Teaching for 6pm tonight. This morning we ask “Will The Real JESUS please stand up?” Tonight we go deeper with “The Doctrine Of The Christ”. While one major television network is presenting a documentary on JESUS tonight at 9 and we will prepare to answer CNN next Sunday.

This morning sharpen your spirit, your wit, your Bible flipping fingers as we take a good look at our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ…


                         “LUV’ WINS”…

Aiming for Land Purchase… 

Our “LUV’ WINS” CAMPAIGN will need about $200,000 to complete our land purchase. We need you to aim with us. We need to give with the intention of helping our church hit our target.  Will you be one of our 500 families to give each week? Some can continue to give $27.50 but others can give more each week…$50, $75, $100 or more…not equal giving but equal sacrifice. Thank you in advance for believing…that …”LUV’ WINS”.


Joyfully In Jesus,

Chuck Singleton, Sr. Pastor

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