Who We Are

Loveland Church is an inter-denominational Christian fellowship that exists to worship, evangelize, disciple, and serve. The uniqueness of Loveland is found in the fact that at Loveland, we recognize that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! Loveland is God’s House, we just live here.

We are excited about the opportunity to share with you some of the wonderful things taking place here at Loveland. Every Sunday thousands of us gather to worship God. Throughout the week people of all cultures and generations are helping and blessing one another.

Our services are simply electrifying.Our music is contemporary and full of worship, and our pastors and staff members are committed to meeting the needs of people…that means YOU!

Loveland is a special place with open doors and a heartfelt welcome. We trust you will be abundantly blessed as you worship with us. And we hope that you will benefit from the various programs and ministries Loveland has to offer.

We want to serve you in any way we can, whether the needs are spiritual, emotional, physical, social, or communal. At Loveland, we are “Maximizing Lives for Triumphant Living!”

We invite you to join us for a visit and enjoy a refreshing drink from the well of Christian fellowship. Please contact us to find out more about us. And, if you are in the Southern California area, don’t hesitate to drop by and pay us a visit.