By Chuck Singleton Sr. One of the most fearful things in the Old Testament, was a swarm of Locusts! They would come in like a flood and devour everything in sight. When they were gone, there was nothing left. The crops were totally destroyed, the vegetation that provided shade and shelter was gone, and life…


By Hugh Hairston Things had gotten really bad… REALLY BAD for our friend and fellow Loveland member, Jean Barefield. Her rheumatoid arthritis had degenerated to the point where the pain was unbearable. She was forced to put a rope on her bedpost just so she could pull herself up out of bed. By human standards….


by Robert C. Smith God invented the party. It was how we were supposed to worship Him! But somewhere along the way, the celebration got lost. “Nobody partied like Israel in the Old Testament. In any one year, they celebrated SEVEN FESTIVALS,” Chuck Singleton, our Senior Pastor, said in a recent message. However, by the…


“We all start where we start. Not a step farther ahead or behind. And we can’t spend our time worrying and complaining about WHY we are where we are. We just have to pick up from there and move forward.” Recently Jemale and Tameshia found themselves in a bad spot. They were frustrated with life…

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